Radiation safety awareness among patients and radiographers in three hospitals in Port Harcourt

  title={Radiation safety awareness among patients and radiographers in three hospitals in Port Harcourt},
  author={M. Briggs-Kamara and P. Okoye},
  journal={American Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research},
People become nervous and worried whenever they are exposed to X-rays or similar forms of radiation. Such reactions may be attributed to ignorance, hearsay or actual knowledge of the harmful effects associated with these forms of radiation. To ascertain the true position a Radiation Safety Awareness survey was conducted among patients who receive X-ray irradiation at three Hospitals in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The study employed the use of a carefully thought-out questionnaire administered… Expand
Knowledge and Performance of Radiographers towards Radiation Protection, Taif, Saudi Arabia
This is a preliminary descriptive study aimed to evaluate radiographers knowledge and performance towards radiation protection during hospital practice in three hospitals in Taif city, Saudi Arabia. Expand
Study for Ionizing Radiation Safety Awareness among Patients in Erbil Hospitals
There is need for educations of the public on radiation safety and to allay their fears about radiation to show lesser awareness about ionizing radiation. Expand
An evaluation of knowledge and practice towards radiation protection among radiographers of Agra city
There exists ‘knowledge-practice gap’ about usage of personal Protective devices among radiographers and concerned department should launch IEC campaigns in the form of workshops, training courses, distribution of sensitization materials about ionizing radiation in order to bridge the identified gap. Expand
Assessment of radiation protection awareness and knowledge about radiological examination doses among Italian radiographers
There is a substantial need for radiographers to improve their awareness of radiation protection issues and their knowledge of radiological procedures in order to assure patient safety during radiological examinations. Expand
Awareness of Natural and Man-Made Radiation and Their Effects among Patients Awaiting Radiological Investigations
It was showed that knowledge about radiation helps in adopting a lifestyle that protects from radiation but the knowledge of participants about radiation appears to be shallow. Expand
Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of Nurses towards Ionizing Radiation During Radiography in Jeddah City, 2017
The nurses’ radiation protection knowledge and attitude were good among most of nurses, however, there is a need for other educational safety programs to increase the knowledge of the rest of nurses. Expand
Assessment of the Awareness Level of Radiation Protection Among Radiographers Working in the Medical Imaging Wards of the Hospitals in Zanjan, Iran.
Results revealed an undesirable level of participants' awareness, indicating the necessity of holding training courses, especially for less experienced radiographers, as well as the need to follow radiation protection principles by radiographers. Expand
Radiation Risk Awareness Among Health Care Professionals: An Online Survey
Overall, the study shows a negative trend in knowledge related to radiation risk, and a focus on educational interventions on radiation protection is required to develop a well-informed medical staff. Expand
The Importance of Radiation Safety in Terms of Hospital Administration and Research on the Awareness Stage of Radiology Technicians
It has been determined that radiology technicians are qualified in the knowledge level of radiation safety, but they do not pay enough attention to this knowledge in practice. Expand
Awareness on Radiation Protection Devices Among Dental Students
The aim of this study is to create awareness and determine the understanding of radiation protection devices and its role in dentistry among dental students. Expand


Radiation Safety Awareness among Radiation Workers and Clientele At Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda.
There is need for sensitization of the public on radiation safety and to allay their fears about radiation, and radiation workers should do this before patients are worked on. Expand
Radiation protection awareness in non-radiologists.
It is shown that despite the POPUMET regulations the majority of clinicians have not received adequate radiation protection teaching and that even if a course has been attended overall knowledge is still poor and it is proposed that formal compulsory teaching at undergraduate level may correct this. Expand
Health effects of low level radiation
The issue cannot be avoided, as practical decisions have to be taken about the use of ionizing radiation in medicine and industry, theUse of nuclear energy as a source of power, and the extent to which it is necessary to take precautions to minimize exposure to the natural radiation that accumulates in indoor air. Expand
Health Effects of Low Level Radiation
Efforts by radiation protection organizations to lower exposures to (human-made) radiation to as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) provide no benefit and create inappropriate fear - barriers to very important applications of nuclear technology in energy production and medicine. Expand
Health effects of exposure to low-level ionizing radiation.
Health Effects of Exposure to Low-Level Ionizing Radiation presents a comprehensive, consideration of these issues within a solid historical and scientific framework. Expand
Principles of Radiological Physics
PART 1 RADIOGRAPHY and MATHEMATICS: Principles of Radiography. Geometric Radiography. The Inverse Square Law. The Exponential Law. PART 2 GENERAL PHYSICS: Laws of Physics (Classical). Units ofExpand
Merrill's Atlas Of Radiographic Positions And Radiologic Procedures, 8th Edition By Philip W. Ballinger
This website does not store the book itself, but it gives link to the website where you can load or reading online, so if have must to download Merrill's Atlas of Radiographic Positions and Radiologic Procedures, 8th Edition pdf by Philip W. Ballinger, then you come on to the correct website. Expand
Direct evidence for a bystander effect of ionizing radiation in primary human fibroblasts
Direct evidence is shown for the production of a radiation-induced bystander response in primary human fibroblasts using a novel approach of using a charged-particle microbeam, which allows individual cells within a population to be selected and targeted with counted charged particles. Expand
Radiographic positions and Radiologic procedures
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