Radiation-mediated proteolysis of CDT1 by CUL4–ROC1 and CSN complexes constitutes a new checkpoint

  title={Radiation-mediated proteolysis of CDT1 by CUL4–ROC1 and CSN complexes constitutes a new checkpoint},
  author={Leigh Ann A. Higa and Ivailo S. Mihaylov and Damon P. Banks and Jianyu Zheng and H. W. Zhang},
  journal={Nature Cell Biology},
Genomic integrity is maintained by checkpoints that guard against undesired replication after DNA damage. Here, we show that CDT1, a licensing factor of the pre-replication complex (preRC), is rapidly proteolysed after UV- or γ-irradiation. The preRC assembles on replication origins at the end of mitosis and during G1 to license DNA for replication in S phase. Once the origin recognition complex (ORC) binds to origins, CDC6 and CDT1 associate with ORC and promote loading of the MCM2-7 proteins… CONTINUE READING
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