Radiation measurement on the International Space Station.

  title={Radiation measurement on the International Space Station.},
  author={A. B. Akopova and M. M. Manaseryan and Albert A. Melkonyan and S Sh Tatikyan and Yu Potapov},
  journal={Radiation measurements},
  volume={39 2},
The results of an investigation of radiation environment on board the ISS with apogee/perigee of 420/380 km and inclination 51.6 degrees are presented. For measurement of important characteristics of cosmic rays (particles fluxes, LET spectrum, equivalent doses and heavy ions with Z > or = 2) a nuclear photographic emulsion as a controllable threshold detector was used. The use of this detector permits a registration of the LET spectrum of charged particles within wide range of dE/dx and during… CONTINUE READING
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