Radiation-induced dental caries, prevention and treatment - A systematic review

  title={Radiation-induced dental caries, prevention and treatment - A systematic review},
  author={Nishtha Gupta and M Kirtana Pal and Sheh Rawat and Mandeep S. Grewal and Himani Garg and Deepika Chauhan and Parveen Ahlawat and Sarthak Tandon and Ruparna Khurana and Anjali K. Pahuja and Mayur Mayank and Bharti Devnani},
  booktitle={National journal of maxillofacial surgery},
Treatment of head and neck cancers (HNCs) involves radiotherapy. Patients undergoing radiotherapy for HNCs are prone to dental complications. Radiotherapy to the head and neck region causes xerostomia and salivary gland dysfunction which dramatically increases the risk of dental caries and its sequelae. Radiation therapy (RT) also affects the dental hard tissues increasing their susceptibility to demineralization following RT. Postradiation caries is a rapidly progressing and highly destructive… CONTINUE READING


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