Radiation-induced chronic oxidative renal damage can be reduced by amifostine.

  title={Radiation-induced chronic oxidative renal damage can be reduced by amifostine.},
  author={Rusen Cosar and Vuslat Yurut-Caloglu and Sevgi Eskiocak and Alaattin Ozen and Semsi Altaner and Kamuran Ibis and Nesrin Turan and Bengu Denizli and Cem Uzal and Mert Saynak and Sule Parlar and Murat Caloğlu and Burcu Uregen and Zafer Koçak},
  journal={Medical oncology},
  volume={29 2},
In the current study, amifostine is evaluated for its radioprotective role in serum and kidney tissue by oxidative (malondialdehyde-MDA, advanced oxidation protein product-AOPP) and antioxidative markers (catalase, glutathione-GSH, free-thiols-F-SH). Thirty Wistar albino 3-4 months old, female rats, were randomly divided into Group I (n = 10): Control, Group II (n = 10): Irradiation-alone, Group III (n = 10): Amifostine before irradiation. In Group II and III, right kidneys of the rats were… CONTINUE READING


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