Radiation exposure for 'caregivers' during high-dose outpatient radioiodine therapy.

  title={Radiation exposure for 'caregivers' during high-dose outpatient radioiodine therapy.},
  author={Christopher J Marriott and Colin E. Webber and Karen Yvonne Gulenchyn},
  journal={Radiation protection dosimetry},
  volume={123 1},
On 27 occasions, radiation doses were measured for a family member designated as the 'caregiver' for a patient receiving high-dose radioiodine outpatient therapy for differentiated thyroid carcinoma. For 25 of the administrations, patients received 3.7 GBq of (131)I. Radiation doses for the designated caregivers were monitored on an hourly basis for 1 week using electronic personal dosemeters. The average penetrating dose was 98 +/- 64 microSv. The maximum penetrating dose was 283 microSv… CONTINUE READING

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