Radiation doses to patients undergoing barium meal and barium enema examinations.

  title={Radiation doses to patients undergoing barium meal and barium enema examinations.},
  author={Miltiadis G Delichas and Konstantinos Hatziioannou and Evagelia Papanastassiou and P Albanopoulou and Eleana Chatzi and Anastasios Sioundas and Kyriakos Psarrakos},
  journal={Radiation protection dosimetry},
  volume={109 3},
The radiation doses received by patients during 41 barium meal (BM) and 42 barium enema (BE) examinations in two Greek hospitals are presented. Radiation dose was measured in terms of the dose area product (DAP). The effective dose and doses to certain organs were estimated using the ODS-60 software. Mean total DAP values were found to be 25 +/- 11 Gy cm2 for BM and 60 +/- 35 Gy cm2 for BE examinations, whereas the estimated mean values of effective dose were 8.6 +/- 4.0 and 24 +/- 16 mSv… CONTINUE READING

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