Radiation curable cladding composition

  title={Radiation curable cladding composition},
  author={Stefan A. Babirad and Steven M. Heilmann and Larry R. Krepski and Jerald K. Rasmussen},
PURPOSE: To obtain a radiation curable cladding composition for an optical fiber, etc., by incorporating a fluorinated acrylamide monomer, an unsaturated crosslinking monomer such as a poly-functional acrylate and an adhesion accelerating monomer such as 2-alkenyl azlactone. CONSTITUTION: (A) a fluorinated acrylamide monomer of formula I (wherein R 1 and R 6 are each H or methyl; R 2 and R 3 are each alkyl, cycloalkyl, aryl, etc.; R 4 and R 5 are each H or lower alkyl; a is 0 or 1; X is a… CONTINUE READING