Radiance and Jacobian intercomparison of radiative transfer models applied to HIRS and AMSU channels

  title={Radiance and Jacobian intercomparison of radiative transfer models applied to HIRS and AMSU channels},
  author={Louis Garand and De Sales Turner and Monica Larocque and Jeffery Bates and Sid-Ahmed Boukabara and Pascal Brunel and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Chevallier and Godelieve Deblonde and R. Engelef and Melinda G. Hollingshead and Daniel Jackson and Gary Jedlovec and Joanna Joiner and T. Kleespies and D. and S. McKague and L.. and Mcmillin and J.-L. and Moncet and J.... and R. and Pardo and P................... and Rayer and {\'E}. and Salathe and Richard Saunders and No{\"e}lle A. Scott and Phu Nguyen Van and Deist and H. Woolt}
The goalsof this studyarethe evaluationof currentfast radiativetransfermodels(RTMs) and line-by-line (LBL) models. The intercomparisonfocuseson the modeling of 11 representativesoundingchannelsroutinelyusedat numericalweatherpredictioncenters:7 HIRS (High-resolutionInfraredSounder)and4 AMSU (AdvancedMicrowaveSounding Unit) channels. Interestin this topic wasevidencedby the participationof 24 scientists from 16 institutions. An ensembleof 42 diverse atmosphereswas used and results compiledfor… CONTINUE READING
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