Radial tunnel syndrome: long-term results of surgical decompression.

  title={Radial tunnel syndrome: long-term results of surgical decompression.},
  author={Peter J. L. Jebson and William D. Engber},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={22 5},
Between 1980 and 1990, 31 patients (33 extremities) underwent decompression of the radial tunnel. All procedures were performed at the same institution by the senior author using a brachioradialis muscle-splitting approach. Twenty-three patients (24 extremities) were available for follow-up evaluation at an average of 8 years after surgery. The outcome was determined using the original criteria of Roles and Maudsley and Ritts et al. By the criteria of Roles and Maudsley, outcomes for 15… CONTINUE READING