Radial modulation imaging of microbubble contrast agents at high frequency.

  title={Radial modulation imaging of microbubble contrast agents at high frequency.},
  author={Emmanuel W Cherin and Jeremy Brown and Svein-Erik M{\aa}s\oy and Hamid Shariff and Raffi Karshafian and Ross Williams and Peter N. Burns and F. Stuart Foster},
  journal={Ultrasound in medicine & biology},
  volume={34 6},
In this paper, radial modulation imaging of microbubbles is investigated at high frequency. A modulation pulse frequency of 3.7 MHz with an amplitude ranging from 0 to 250 kPa, and a 1.3-MPa 20-MHz broadband imaging pulse were used. Radial modulation effects were observed on a population of flowing microbubbles and quantified using a Doppler-type processing technique. Artifact signals related to the generation of harmonics by bubbles strongly resonating at the modulation frequency were observed… CONTINUE READING
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