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Radars for the Detection and Tracking of Cruise Missiles

  title={Radars for the Detection and Tracking of Cruise Missiles},
  author={Lee O. Upton and Lewis A. Thurman},
■ The advent of the modern cruise missile, with reduced radar observables and the capability to fly at low altitudes with accurate navigation, placed an enormous burden on all defense weapon systems. Every element of the engagement process, referred to as the kill chain, from detection to target kill assessment, was affected. While the United States held the low-observabletechnology advantage in the late 1970s, that early lead was quickly challenged by advancements in foreign technology and… 

Accessible Real-Time Surveillance Radar System for Object Detection

The paper details the iterative process on the system design and improvements with experiments to realize the system used for surveillance, and shows the practical use of the system and configuration for a better understanding of using the system.

Increased importance of VHF radars in ground-based air defense

It is demonstrated that current ADSs which are augmented by modern VHF radars can be connected together on signal fusion principles, and that such structures are achieving improved effectiveness of airspace control in times of crises or war.

Double-null pattern synthesis for low-angle tracking

Analyse why simple beam linear superposition from the published reference is not effective again to form double-null difference pattern in omnidirectional array, and put forward a synthesis method based on the reasonable constraint conditions and LS criteria to the constrained shaping weight-vector.

Monopulse antennas for radar seekers

The paper presents some most important design issues of antennas with modelled monopulse radiation pattern in both azimuth and elevation, especially of dielectric substrate microstripe antenna

A Novel Unit Cell Antenna For Highly Integrated Phased Arrays in the SHF Band

Phased arrays are electromagnetic antenna systems comprised of many radiating elements and processing electronics. Radiating elements are typically positioned in an orderly grid within the antenna

Frequency diversity to low-angle detecting using a highly deterministic multipath signal model

This paper derives 4-rays echo signal formula in multipath from a highly deterministic multipath signal model to improve the low-angle detecting performance and puts forward multiple diversity channel accumulation algorithm to advance the detecting performance to a higher position.



Ground Clutter Measurements for Surface-Sited Radar

Abstract : A large volume of radar ground clutter measurement data has been collected from many sites that are widely dispersed over the North American continent. At each site backscatter was

An ultralow-sidelobe adaptive array antenna

A UHF radar antenna system with exceptional interference-rejection capabilities that are achieved through a combination of precision passive beamforming in the azimuth plane, and active, digital adaptive nulling in elevation is described.

SEKE: A computer model for low altitude radar propagation over irregular terrain

SEKE, a new site-specific propagation model for general terrain, makes use of the original Lincoln Laboratory models geometrical optics (GOPT), low altitude propagation spherical earth (LAPSE), and

Low-Angle Radar Land Clutter: Measurements and Empirical Models

Chapter 1: Overview Introduction Historical Review, Clutter Measurements at Lincoln Laboratory, Clutter Prediction at Lincoln Laboratory, Scope of Book, Organization of Book. Chapter 2: Preliminary

The Airborne Seeker Test Bed

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  • 1990


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