Radar-Enabled Recovery of the Sutter’s Mill Meteorite, a Carbonaceous Chondrite Regolith Breccia

  title={Radar-Enabled Recovery of the Sutter’s Mill Meteorite, a Carbonaceous Chondrite Regolith Breccia},
  author={P. Jenniskens and M. Fries and Qing-Zhu Yin and M. Zolensky and A. Krot and S. Sandford and D. Sears and R. Beauford and D. Ebel and J. Friedrich and K. Nagashima and J. Wimpenny and A. Yamakawa and K. Nishiizumi and Y. Hamajima and M. Caffee and K. Welten and M. Laubenstein and A. M. Davis and S. Simon and P. Heck and E. Young and I. Kohl and M. Thiemens and M. Nunn and T. Mikouchi and K. Hagiya and K. Ohsumi and T. Cahill and J. A. Lawton and D. Barnes and A. Steele and P. Rochette and K. L. Verosub and J. Gattacceca and G. Cooper and D. Glavin and A. Burton and J. Dworkin and J. Elsila and S. Pizzarello and R. Ogliore and P. Schmitt-Kopplin and M. Harir and N. Hertkorn and A. Verchovsky and M. Grady and K. Nagao and R. Okazaki and Hiroyuki Takechi and Takahiro Hiroi and K. Smith and E. Silber and P. G. Brown and J. Albers and D. Klotz and M. Hankey and Robert M. Matson and J. A. Fries and R. Walker and I. Puchtel and C. Lee and M. Erdman and G. Eppich and S. Roeske and Z. Gabelica and M. Lerche and M. Nuevo and B. Girten and S. P. Worden},
  pages={1583 - 1587}
  • P. Jenniskens, M. Fries, +67 authors S. P. Worden
  • Published 2012
  • Geology, Medicine
  • Science
  • The Meteor That Fell to Earth In April 2012, a meteor was witnessed over the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Jenniskens et al. (p. 1583) used a combination of photographic and video images of the fireball coupled with Doppler weather radar images to facilitate the rapid recovery of meteorite fragments. A comprehensive analysis of some of these fragments shows that the Sutter's Mill meteorite represents a new type of carbonaceous chondrite, a rare and primitive class of meteorites that… CONTINUE READING
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