Racism in Colonial Zimbabwe

  title={Racism in Colonial Zimbabwe},
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  • A. Mlambo
  • Published 2019
  • History
  • The Palgrave Handbook of Ethnicity
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The Politics of Race and Color in Southern Africa

  • Charles Mutasa
  • History
    Xenophobia, Nativism and Pan-Africanism in 21st Century Africa
  • 2021

Resolving the “muddle in the middle”: The case for Homo bodoensis sp. nov.

This work proposes the introduction of a new taxon, Homo bodoensis sp.



Colour Bar or Community

The Grass Is Singing

Mary marries Charlie Turner, a poor white South African farmer. As her loneliness and unhappiness increase, she falls obsessively in love with her black servant, yet she still treats him cruelly, as

White Workers and the Production of Race in Southern Rhodesia, 1910-1980

Scholarship on lower class whites, the worlds of white labour and poor whites in African settler states have been dominated by a geographical focus on South Africa, Algeria and to a lesser extent

‘The Natives Are Getting Out of Hand’: Legislating Manners, Insolence and Contemptuous Behaviour in Southern Rhodesia, c. 1910–1963*

In Southern Rhodesia, as elsewhere in colonial Africa, insolent Africans disrupted the image of natural and just domination that settlers and their government projected. Indeed, Native Commissioners

Jambanja: Ideological Ambiguities in the Politics of Land and Resource Ownership in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's current restructuring of land and resource ownership has not only been violent and coercive, but also disorganised and divisive. In its call for radical land redistribution, the state has

Black and white: The ‘perils of sex’ in colonial Zimbabwe

’Black peril’, incidents of alleged sexual violence by black men against white women, was at times a fully hysterical obsession amongst the white population of colonial Zimbabwe. Fear of ‘black