Racism and Anti-Racism in Football

  title={Racism and Anti-Racism in Football},
  author={Jon Garland and Michael Rowe},
Acknowledgements Introduction: Contextualising Racism in British Football Football, 'Race' and the Forging of British Identity Standing Together? Charting the Development of Football's Anti-racism Policing Racism in Football A Design for Life: Deconstructing the Game's National Identities Mad Dogs: England, The Media and English Supporters During Euro '96 and France '98 Conclusion: Racisms and the Cultures of Football Index 
Football fans’ views of racism in British football
This article analyses 2500 responses from association football (soccer) fans to an anonymous online survey conducted from November 2011 to February 2012 that examined the extent of racism in British
Black, Blanc and Beur : French Football's ‘Foreign Legion’
The French flag often serves as a symbol of multiculturalism, diversity and equality, yet integration in France is far from complete. Violent riots caused by racist incidents, prominent politicians
It’s Not as Simple as Black and White: Challenging Racism in Professional Football through Locally Grounded Multi-agency Collaboration
This chapter will begin by considering the ways in which racisms and racialised exclusions have impinged upon and been generated by English football culture and their impact on patterns of Black and
Racism and Russian Football Supporters’ Culture
Why is Russian football culture so racist and xenophobic? While many countries have problems with racism, abundant evidence shows this is particularly bad in Russia and, indeed, a major concern ahead
Racisms and anti-racist strategies in English football
This thesis examines racisms and anti-racist strategies in English football, with particular focus on the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries. The analysis begins by considering the roots
Fans, Racism and British Football in the Twenty-First Century: The Existence of a ‘Colour-Blind’ Ideology
This article draws on 2500 responses from association football (soccer) fans to an anonymous online survey examining the extent of racism in British football. The overall findings are that half of
Rivalries and Racisms: ‘Closed’ and ‘Open’ Islamophobic Dispositions Amongst Football Supporters
Racism in football has been the topic of much academic discussion. However, the issue of Islamophobic racism has received very little attention. This article looks at Middlesbrough FC and Newcastle
Addressing racialised inequities in coach recruitment in men’s professional football in England: a critical race theory analysis
Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) coaches in elite sport are underrepresented in Britain and other parts of the Western world compared to BAME athletes. Empirical research indicates that this
Racism, Football Fans, and Online Message Boards
This article presents the findings of a discourse analysis carried out from November 2011 to February 2012 on two prominent association football (soccer) message boards that examined fans’ views
Stadia of Sanctuary? Forced migration, flawed football consumers and refugee supporters clubs
Abstract The role of sport consumption, as opposed to sport participation, is often overlooked in debates around sport and social inclusion, despite evidence supporting the importance of sports


Fanatics! : power, identity, and fandom in football
Contents About the Authors Preface Acknowledgements Introduction Section One: Power in Football: the 'Peoples' Game'? Section Two: Racism in Football: Identity and Exclusion Section Three: Football
Football and the Decline of Britain
Acknowledgements - Preface - Prologue: Whatever happened to the People's Game? - PART 1 PEOPLE ON THE INSIDE - Victorian Values: Clubs and Managers - Feet of Clay Players - Fanatics - PART 2 OUTSIDE
The Roots of Football Hooliganism: An Historical and Sociological Study
1. Understanding Football Hooliganism: A Critical Review of Some Theories 2. The Football Fever (1) 3. The Football Fever (2) 4. Football Hooliganism and the Working Class Before the First World War
Selling the Game Short: An Examination of the Role of Antiracism in British Football
During the last decades racism has been a persistent scar on British football, and yet the problem has often gone unacknowledged and unchallenged by the game’s authorities. However, in recent
Racism After 'Race Relations'
Part 1: The Concept of Racism 1. Apropos the Idea of "Race"...Again 2. Nationalism and Racism - Antithesis and Articulation 3. The Civilization and Racialization of the Interior. Part 2: Migration
Football, Nationality and the State
1. Introduction the game of nations. Section 1: Football Nations Within the State. 2. UK 4 FIFA 0: the result of football's early development. 3. Storming the Castile footballing nations of Spain. 4.
Multi-Racist Britain
Introduction - PART 1 PROBLEMATICS - The Perversions of Inheritance P.Cohen - PART 2 POLICIES - Two-Tone Britain P.Gilroy and E.Lawrence - Institutionalised Racism J.Solomos - PART 3 PRACTICES -
Racism, ethnicity, and social policy
*Introduction *Racism and Anti-Racism: Some Conceptual Themes and Debates *'Race', the Underclass and Benefits: Perceptions and Experiences *Racial Inequality and Housing: Meaning and Interventions
Barbarians, Gentlemen and Players : A Sociological Study of the Development of Rugby Football
Part I: Folk Antecedents and Transitional Forms of Football in the Public Schools 1. The folk antecedents of modern rugby and their decline 2. Football in the early 19th century public schools Part
Race and empire in British politics
Preface List of abbreviations Introduction 1. Empire and Anglo-Saxonism 2. Mary Kingsley and the emergence of cultural relativism 3. The Commonwealth ideal and the problem of racial segregation 4.