Racism, disadvantage and multiculturalism: towards effective anti-racist praxis

  title={Racism, disadvantage and multiculturalism: towards effective anti-racist praxis},
  author={Gabrielle Berman and Yin Paradies},
  journal={Ethnic and Racial Studies},
  pages={214 - 232}
Abstract The practice of multiculturalism in modern liberal democracies has been hampered by lack of a clear definition of ‘racism’ and ‘anti-racism’ as well as confusion about the role of multiculturalism in addressing disadvantage and combating racism. This lack of clarity has contributed to a marginalization of anti-racism within multiculturalism. As a prerequisite to re-centring anti-racist praxis within multiculturalism, this paper disentangles the concepts of ‘equity’ versus ‘equality… 
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AcknowledgementsContributors1 Introduction: multi-cultural or multi-racist Australia STEPHEN CASTLES AND ELLIE VASTA2 The racism of globalisation STEPHEN CASTLES3 Dialects of domination: racism and
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Introduction:Fighting Racism, Defining the Territory - Floya Anthias & Cathie Lloyd 1.Diasporic Hybridity and Transcending Racisms:Problems and Potential - Floya Anthias 2. Some Reflections on the