Racial differences in the diagnosis of psychosis.

  title={Racial differences in the diagnosis of psychosis.},
  author={Stephen M Strakowski and Michael A Flaum and Xavier E. Amador and H. Stefan Bracha and Anand K. Pandurangi and Delbert Robinson and Mauricio Tohen},
  journal={Schizophrenia research},
  volume={21 2},
In clinical populations, it has been reported that African-American patients are more likely to receive a diagnosis of schizophrenia than similar Caucasian patients. Factors contributing to this racial discrepancy are poorly defined. The authors examined the hypothesis that racial differences in severity of first-rank symptoms of schizophrenia contribute to this diagnostic difference. Patients were recruited as part of the DSM-IV Field Trial for Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders, and… CONTINUE READING