Racial differences in newborn intensive care morbidity in Alaska.

  title={Racial differences in newborn intensive care morbidity in Alaska.},
  author={J Jacob and Sharon Hulman and Robert F. Davis and J. Pfenninger},
  journal={Alaska medicine},
  volume={43 2},
Birthweight-specific neonatal mortality for Alaska Natives is higher than for non-natives for the years 1987-1996. We investigated the reasons for this based on Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit information available from 1991-1996. We also investigated whether differences in mortality extended to measures of morbidity. There were less Native patients born at the tertiary care center for babies with birthweight < 1500 grams and 1500-2499 grams (64% for Natives and 87% for non-natives, p… CONTINUE READING