Racial analysis of the volume-renin relationship in human hypertension.

  title={Racial analysis of the volume-renin relationship in human hypertension.},
  author={Jutta Mitas and Rolf Holle and Stuart B. Levy and Richard A. Stone},
  journal={Archives of internal medicine},
  volume={139 2},
We studied 29 normotensive men (14 black, 15 white) and 36 hypertensive men (27 white, nine black) to examine the association of race with blood pressure, blood volume, and peripheral renin activity (pra). Blood volume was lower in white hypertensive men than in white normotensive men, but was similar in all blacks. When subjects were tested in the supine position, PRA was lower in black normotensive subjects than white normotensive subjects. The PRA did not differ among groups tested in an… CONTINUE READING