Racial Warriors and Weekend Warriors

  title={Racial Warriors and Weekend Warriors},
  author={Abby L. Ferber},
  journal={Men and Masculinities},
  pages={30 - 56}
This article explores contemporary white male backlash by comparing the discourses of two movements usually assumed to have little in common: the mythopoetic men's movement and the contemporary white supremacist movement. While there are clear differences, the author argues that they are similar in important ways, and with consequences. These two discourses reinforce broader reactionary discourses about gender and share a number of common assumptions. They both construct gender in essentialist… 
Abstract This article analyses how gendered, racialised and classed antagonisms are created in texts by radical right-wing populists and intellectuals connected to the anti-immigration movement and
Minutewomen, Victims, and Parasites: The Discursive and Performative Construction of Women by The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
This study uses data from 40 interviews and 80 hours of participant observation to examine the discursive and performative (embodied, enacted, and nonverbal) position of women in twenty-first-century
White backlash in the ‘post-racial’ United States
From the ‘Reagan Revolution’ to the election of Obama in the USA; from the populism of Enoch Powell and Thatcher to the rise of the British National Party in the UK; and from the backlash against
Backlash: Angry Men's Movements
"In The battle and backlash rage on ... hot topics include: misogyny, antifeminism and/or bigotry in "men's rights" groups and "feminist" groups (such as ifeminists) ; critiques of the mainstream
Concluding Critical Commentary: Men’s Experiences as Agents of Feminist Change
What role do men have in the work of challenging gender inequalities and building gender justice? This chapter examines the experiences of men as deliberate agents of a feminist masculinity politics,
Representing the 'crisis' in masculinity : British and North American male playwrights, 1990-2005
The concept of a '"crisis" in masculinity' came to prominence in Britain and North America during the 1990s. This phenomenon developed out of several decades in which the notion of 'the subject' came
Gender, Race, and Male Privilege in Post- Modern Society
The literature in sociology and the current discussions in the media, identify a growing crisis in modern masculinity. Various social indicators support this claim. At the same time, there is an
Racialized masculinity and discourses of victimization: A comparison of the mythopoetic men's movement and the Militia of Montana
Purpose – This research is an analysis of expressions of masculinity among members of two social movements. The focus of the study is how racialized constructions of masculinity shape similar
Violence Against Women
  • Ram Ahuja
  • Political Science
    Trapped in a Religious Marriage
  • 2020
The phrase “violence against women” (VAW) has two meanings. First, violence against women is a long-ranging historical phenomenon said to be instituted to protect male property rights through the


Constructing whiteness: the intersections of race and gender in US white supremacist discourse
This research explores the intertwined construction of race and gender in a wide variety of white supremacist newsletters and periodicals published between 1969 and 1993. While traditional accounts
Women of the Klan: Racism and Gender in the 1920s
Ignorant. Brutal. Male. One of these stereotypes of the Ku Klux Klan offers a misleading picture. In "Women of the Klan", sociologist Kathleen M. Blee dismantles the popular notion that politically
This article examines how women members of contemporary U.S. racist groups reconcile the male-oriented agendas of organized racism with understandings of themselves and their gendered self-interests.
Shifting the Blame: Racial Ideology and Politics in the Post-Civil Rights Era
In the post-civil rights era, critics on the right have indicted liberal social policies for exacerbating the very problems of racism and poverty they purport to alleviate. In vastly distinct ways,
Politics of Masculinities: Men in Movements
This book discusses differences and Inequalities Among Men, Racial and Sexual Identity Politics, and Placing Multiracial Feminism at the Center of Political Discourse.
The politics of manhood : profeminist men respond to the mythopoetic men's movement (and the mythopoetic leaders answer)
Preface Publication Information Introduction Michael S. Kimmel Part I: Conceptual Critiques 1. Weekend Warriors: Robert Bly and the Politics of Masculine Retreat Michael S. Kimmel and Michael Kaufman
The King Within: Accessing the King in the Male Psyche
In this pioneering contribution to the emerging men's movement, Robert Moore, a Jungian psychoanalyst who, along with Robert Bly, is a principle architect of the movement, and Douglas Gillette, a
Bodies that matter : on the discursive limits of sex
Preface Acknowledgements Part 1: 1. Bodies that Matter 2. The Lesbian Phallus and the Morphological Imaginary 3. Phantasmatic Identification and the Assumption of Sex 4. Gender is Burning: Questions
The politics of women's biology
"Exposing the ideological bases of the medical/scientific information (and disinformation) we receive, Hubbard ...gives us a book sophisticated in its analysis but accessible in its style." --Ms.
Deconstructing Equality-Versus-Difference : or, The Uses of Poststructuralist Theory for Feminism
That feminism needs theory goes without saying (perhaps because it has been said so often). What is not always clear is what that theory will do, although there are certain common assumptions I think