Racial Health Disparities and Covid-19 - Caution and Context.

  title={Racial Health Disparities and Covid-19 - Caution and Context.},
  author={Merlin Chowkwanyun and Adolph Reed},
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Racial Health Disparities and Covid-19 In documenting Covid-19 racial disparities, we must contextualize such data with adequate analysis. Disparity figures without explanatory context can perpetua... 
Towards Racial Justice: The Role of Medical-Legal Partnerships
Medical-legal partnerships integrate knowledge and practices from law and health care in pursuit of health equity, but has not reached its full potential to address racial health inequities because its original framing was not explicitly race conscious.
Relationship between Socio-Demographics and COVID-19: A Case Study in Three Texas Regions
The COVID-19 is a global pandemic and crisis of public health Although studies investigate the spatial factors of COVID-19, most of them are based on the macro
Structural Racism and COVID-19 in the USA: a County-Level Empirical Analysis
Empirical support is found between higher levels of measured structural racism and higher rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths, even after adjusting for county-level population sociodemographic characteristics, measures of population health, access to healthcare, population density, and duration.
Health disparities and equity in the era of COVID-19
The impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic on health care inequities and a strategic roadmap for integration of clinical and translational research into the authors' understanding of health inequities are examined.
A Renewed Call for a More Equitable and Holistic Review of Residency Applications in the Era of COVID‐19
The outsized impact of COVID-19 on the Underrepresented-in-Medicine (URiM) student will have significant consequences and requires proper acknowledgement or intervention.
Intersectional trauma: COVID-19, the psychosocial contract, and America’s racialized public health lineage.
This comparative review explores how, during COVID-19 and recent American public health disasters, including the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Maria, early
The Relationship Between Social Determinants of Health and Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Mortality
It is demonstrated that social determinants of health contribute to COVID-19 mortality for Black Americans at the county level, highlighting the need for public health policies that address racial disparities in health outcomes.
Does “AI” stand for augmenting inequality in the era of covid-19 healthcare?
Artificial intelligence can help tackle the covid-19 pandemic, but bias and discrimination in its design and deployment risk exacerbating existing health inequity argue David Leslie andcolleagues


Infectious Fear: Politics, Disease, and the Health Effects of Segregation
Samuel Kelton Roberts, Jr., Infectious Fear: Politics, Disease, and the Health Effects of Segregation. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2009. Pp. 328. Paper $24.95. Cloth $59.95.
Fit to Be Citizens?: Public Health and Race in Los Angeles, 1879-1939
List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Interlopers in the Land of Sunshine: Chinese Disease Carriers, Launderers, and Vegetable Peddlers 2. Caught between Discourses of Disease,
"Weathering" and age patterns of allostatic load scores among blacks and whites in the United States.
Evidence that racial inequalities in health exist across a range of biological systems among adults and are not explained by racial differences in poverty is found.
Territorial Stigmatization in the Age of Advanced Marginality
The comparative sociology of the structure, dynamics, and experience of urban relegation in the United States and the European Union during the past three decades reveals the emergence of a new