Racial Discrimination, Segregation, and the Price of Housing

  title={Racial Discrimination, Segregation, and the Price of Housing},
  author={Arthur T. King and Peter M. Mieszkowski},
  journal={Journal of Political Economy},
  pages={590 - 606}
This article presents empirical estimates of racial discrimination in the New Haven, Connecticut, housing market. The results are based on over 200 rental units for which there is comprehensive information on the characteristics of the dwellings. Using multiple-regression techniques, we estimate that blacks and whites do pay different amounts for equivalent units. For black female-headed households the markup relative to white males is 16 percent; for black male-headed households, 7.5 percent… Expand
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The general model, 660. — The regression model, 663. — Correlation and regression results, 666. — Evaluation, 667. — Some conclusions, 670. — Appendix, 671.
This series contains research reports, written by or in cooperation with staff members of the Statistical Research Division, whose content may be of interest to the general statistical researchExpand
The Economics of Housing Segregation.
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The Shape of Poverty in 1966
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