Racial Differences in Cardiovascular Biomarkers in the General Population.

  title={Racial Differences in Cardiovascular Biomarkers in the General Population.},
  author={Eddie Hackler and Jeanney Lew and Maria Odette Gore and Colby R. Ayers and Dorothee Atzler and Amit Kumar Khera and Anand Rohatgi and Alana A Lewis and Ian J. Neeland and Torbj{\o}rn Omland and James A. de Lemos},
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Background The incidence and clinical manifestations of cardiovascular disease (CVD) differ between blacks and whites. Biomarkers that reflect important pathophysiological pathways may provide a window to allow deeper understanding of racial differences in CVD. Methods and Results The study included 2635 white and black participants from the Dallas Heart Study who were free from existing CVD. Cross-sectional associations between race and 32 biomarkers were evaluated using multivariable linear… CONTINUE READING