Races of Homo sapiens: if not in the southwest Pacific, then nowhere

  title={Races of Homo sapiens: if not in the southwest Pacific, then nowhere},
  author={D. Bulbeck and P. Raghavan and D. Rayner},
  journal={World Archaeology},
  pages={109 - 132}
  • D. Bulbeck, P. Raghavan, D. Rayner
  • Published 2006
  • Biology
  • World Archaeology
  • Abstract The physical anthropology literature reveals considerable disagreement on whether discrete biological races, or subspecies, exist within Homo sapiens, and which races to recognize if they do exist. The authoritative work on zoological taxonomy by Mayr and Ashlock defines a subspecies as ‘an aggregate of phenotypically similar populations…inhabiting a geographical subdivision of the [species’] range and differing taxonomically from other populations of that species' (1991: 43). Our… CONTINUE READING
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