Racemization and epimerization.

  title={Racemization and epimerization.},
  author={W. T. Jun. Smith and Keith A. Kvenvolden},
  volume={172 3981},
In recent reports (I ) the term racemization is used inappropriately. It is stated in both reports that Lisoleucine racemizes to D-alloisoleucine. This reaction is epimerization, not racemization. Racemization of L-iSOleucine results in the formation of DLisoleucine. As stated in Eliel (2): "'racemization is the process of producing a racemic modification starting with one of the pure enantiomers." WALTER T. SMITH, JR. Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky, Lexington 40506 
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Biochemistry of amino acid racemization and clinical application to musculoskeletal disease.
The biochemistry of amino acid racemization in proteins and its clinical application to musculoskeletal disease are discussed. Expand


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