Race as Category Crisis: Whiteness and the Topical Assignation of Race

  title={Race as Category Crisis: Whiteness and the Topical Assignation of Race},
  author={Joseph Pugliese},
  journal={Social Semiotics},
  pages={149 - 168}
In this essay, I examine whiteness along two different axes. First, I discuss, in the context of Richard Dyer's White , the manner in which discussions of whiteness tend to be decontextualised and dehistoricised. Fundamentally, in White , whiteness is represented in terms of a homogeneous and self-identical category. In the second part of my essay, I focus on how racialised bodies, once they are situated within a specific historico-cultural context, complicate and problematise unitary and… Expand
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  • S. Gilman
  • History, Medicine
  • Critical Inquiry
  • 1985
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