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Race and the new reproduction.

  title={Race and the new reproduction.},
  author={Dorothy E. Roberts},
  journal={Genewatch : a bulletin of the Committee for Responsible Genetics},
  volume={14 1},
  • D. Roberts
  • Published 2001
  • Economics
  • Genewatch : a bulletin of the Committee for Responsible Genetics
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New genetic technologies and their impact on women: a feminist perspective

In wealthy countries such as the United States, new genetic and reproductive technologies, including human reproductive cloning, are being developed. To date, the short- and long- term consequences

Exploring ‘Glorious Motherhood’ in Chinese Abortion Law and Policy

Currently, abortion can be lawfully performed in China at any gestational stage for a wide range of social and medical reasons. I critically explore the Chinese regulatory model of abortion in order

Pregnant Man?: A Conversation

This Essay includes a first-person narrative of having a child through surrogacy, responses to that narrative by other law professors and the surrogate, and a concluding response and epilogue by the

Representations of Surrogacy in Submissions to a Parliamentary Inquiry in New South Wales

Whilst feminist commentators have long critiqued surrogacy as a practice of commodification, surrogacy as a mode of family formation continues to grow in popularity. In this paper we explore public

What Feminism Can Do for Bioethics

  • L. Purdy
  • Political Science
    Health Care Analysis
  • 2004
This essay argues for a thin,``core'' conception of feminism that would render debate within feminism more fruitful, clear the way for appropriate recognition of differences among women and their circumstances, provide intellectually compelling reasons for current non-feminists to adopt a feminist outlook, and facilitatemutually beneficial cooperation betweenfeminism and other progressive socialmovements.

The social stigmatisation of involuntary childless women in Sub-Saharan Africa : the gender empowerment and justice case for cheaper access to assisted reproductive technologies?

This thesis considers the social stigmatisation of involuntary childlessness in Sub-Saharan Africa. It explores the socio-legal issues that arise when involuntary childlessness is given a gendered

Black No More: George Schuyler and Racial Capitalism

  • Sonnet H. Retman
  • History
    PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
  • 2008
As Schuyler's story hones in on market-driven formulations of identity, it speaks to fantasies and anxieties about increasing urban industrialization, racial assimilation, and the reproduction of

Adoption, Surrogacy and Swedish Exceptionalism

This article deals with the current discussion on transnational surrogacy and adoption in Sweden. The ethical problems pertaining to new assisted reproductive technologies (ART) that are now the

Coming Down to Earth on Cloning: An Ecofeminist Analysis of Homophobia in the Current Debate

In this essay, Davion argues that many arguments appealing to an “intuition” that reproductive cloning is morally wrong because it is “unnatural” rely upon an underlying moral assumption that only

Reproductive Migrations: Surrogacy workers and stratified reproduction in St Petersburg

This thesis focuses on the practice of commercial, gestational surrogate motherhood in Russia. Based on anthropological field work in surrogacy-facilitating private clinics in Saint Petersburg and



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