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Race and Criminal Justice

  title={Race and Criminal Justice},
  author={Michael J. Lynch and E. Britt Patterson},
Watching Our Weight: An Introduction
This chapter provides an introduction to the topic of power and dieting, noting the importance of the subject matter in terms of women’s everyday lives. It will ground the project within the field of
The European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context
a b s t r a c t This study presents data on the development and preliminary validation of an observational scale assessing neighborhood disorder. Independent observations by trained raters of
Transitions to Work for Racial, Ethnic, and Immigrant Groups
The youth population of the United States is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, and nativity. We demonstrate that the patterns of transition from school-age to work-age are
Racial Discrimination, Fear of Crime, and Variability in Blacks’ Preferences for Punitive and Preventative Anti-crime Policies
A growing body of research recognizes that people’s policy opinions are not simply positive or negative, but instead derive from a variety of positive and negative beliefs related to a political
Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Irish Prisoners in England and Wales
In 2007 the Department of Foreign Affairs published a report on Irish Prisoners abroad (Flood, 2007) which identified between 800 and 1,000 Irish citizens incarcerated in prisons overseas. This
Developing the racialised body image disturbance scale
Many studies have shown that a negative evaluation of the physical body can lead to the development of body image disturbance. No instruments however, differentiate the body image disturbance that
Is perception of the mainstream legal system homogeneous across ethnic groups
There is a great social debate regarding possible legal privileges favouring some ethnic groups over others in a particular society. This fact may negatively influence citizens’ perceptions about
Racism by stealth: The construction of racist hate crimes
This thesis presents the findings of an ethnographic study of the social worlds of racist hate crime victims and their caseworkers. The fieldwork involved participant observation and 25 interviews
The Influence of Forensic Evidence on the Case Outcomes of Assault and Robbery Incidents
The study focused on the influence of forensic evidence on the case processing of assault and robbery incidents. The study utilized a prospective analysis of official record data that followed cases
Thugs, Nice Guys, and Players: Black College Women's Partner Preferences and Relationship Expectations
This paper explores how physical, behavioral, and sexual constructions of black masculinity may affect heterosexual black women's intraracial partner preferences. A qualitative analysis of data