Race against time

  title={Race against time},
  author={Anthony S. Fauci},
  • A. Fauci
  • Published 2005
  • History, Medicine
  • Nature
A committed, transparent research effort into the detection, prevention and treatment of bird flu is now critical. Anthony S. Fauci presents the questions that need answers. 
A Systematic Analytic Approach to Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Planning
The World Health Organization warns that a flu pandemic is inevitable, and possibly imminent, and a tool called the Haddon Matrix that could help in pandemic influenza planning is discussed. Expand
Grand Challenges and Great Opportunities in Science, Technology, and Public Policy
Gilbert Ommen, AAAS President, explains how identification of "grand challenges" in science and at the intersection of science and society can accelerate progress for the good of the planet.
Pandemic Influenza Threat and Preparedness1
  • A. Fauci
  • Medicine
  • Emerging infectious diseases
  • 2006
New vaccine technologies and antiviral drugs are needed to prepare for the next influenza pandemic, according to the World Health Organization. Expand
The Avian Flu Disease: A Case of Precautionary Failure
The Precautionary Principle has been proposed as the proper behaviour to adopt in the face of the new catastrophic risks that have made their appearance in the last decades. We advance a workableExpand
Understanding the Risk of an Avian Flu Pandemic: Rational Waiting or Precautionary Failure?
A workable definition of the PP is put forward based on the so-called alpha-maximin expected utility approach, applying it to the possible outbreak of the avian flu disease among humans and shows how the shortage and/or lack of effective drugs against the infection of the virus A(H5N1) among humans can be considered a precautionary failure. Expand
Crime, Corruption, and Collateral Damage: Large Infrastructure Projects as a Threat to Cultural Heritage
The policing of organized crime involves the regular use of predictive methods, which go by a variety of names and orientations: Threat assessment, scenario planning, strategic risk assessment, andExpand
The Work of Global Justice: Human Rights as Practices
Introduction. Theorizing the work of global justice 1. A message in a bottle: on bearing witness 2. The healing of wounds: on forgiveness 3. Cautionary tales: on foresight 4. The stranger's keeper:Expand
Planning for Emerging Infectious Disease Pandemics
Problem, research strategy, and findings Takeaway for practice Planners have not paid enough attention to managing the risk of emerging infectious diseases (EIDs), of which COVID-19 is the mostExpand


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