Race/ethnicity, social class, and leisure-time physical inactivity.

  title={Race/ethnicity, social class, and leisure-time physical inactivity.},
  author={Simon J. Marshall and Deborah Arriaza Jones and Barbara E. Ainsworth and Jared P Reis and S. E. Levy and Caroline A. Macera},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={39 1},
PURPOSE The aims of this study were to determine 1) prevalence of leisure-time physical inactivity in a nationally representative sample of non-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic black, and Hispanic men and women; 2) prevalence of leisure-time inactivity by racial/ethnic group across social class indicators; and 3) the relationship between leisure-time inactivity and occupational physical activity, independent of other social class indicators. METHODS The National Physical Activity and Weight Loss… CONTINUE READING