Race, socioeconomic status, and prostatic cancer.

  title={Race, socioeconomic status, and prostatic cancer.},
  author={Virginia L. Ernster and Warren Winkelstein and Steve Selvin and Stephen M. Brown and S. T. Sacks and Donald F. Austin and Steven Mandel and T A Bertolli},
  journal={Cancer treatment reports},
  volume={61 2},
Using mortality and incidence data from Alameda County, California, this study attempted to determine whether the higher occurrence rate of prostatic cancer among black men as compared with whites in the United States might be explained by racial differences in factors associated with socioeconomic status. Each death or case of prostatic cancer was assigned to a social class based on census tract of residence, and rates by race and socioeconomic status were computed. Comparison of age-specific… CONTINUE READING