Rabies control in Mexico.

  title={Rabies control in Mexico.},
  author={Charlotte A. Lucas and Francisco Pino and Geoffrey Scott Baer and Pablo Kuri Morales and V Guti{\'e}rrez Cedillo and M A Llanas Blanco and Mauricio Hern{\'a}ndez {\'A}vila},
  journal={Developments in biologicals},
Rabies in dogs was unknown in the Americas before the arrival of the Spanish "Conquistadores". Until the mid-1980s rabies in animals and, in turn in humans, changed little from year to year, with the number of dog vaccinations reported annually rarely reaching one million. In Mexico, the national rabies control programme using mass parenteral vaccination of dogs started in 1990 with about seven million dogs vaccinated the same year. The number of vaccinated dogs exceeded 10 and 15 million in… CONTINUE READING

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