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Rabi oscillations of dissipative structures effected by out-of-phase parametric drives

  title={Rabi oscillations of dissipative structures effected by out-of-phase parametric drives},
  author={Fernando Humire and Yogesh N. Joglekar and M'onica A. Garc'ia Nustes},
  journal={arXiv: Pattern Formation and Solitons},
Dissipative structures are localized, stable patterns that arise due to the intricate balance among dissipation, dispersion, interaction, and external drive. Their creation and manipulation are of great interest in fields as diverse as optics, magnetism, fluids, and the quantum theory. Here, we report on the emergence of Rabi oscillations of these patterns in a dissipative, nonlinear system subject to two localized, out-of-phase, parametric drives. Their period and amplitude are controlled by… 

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