Rabbit muscle gangliosides.

  title={Rabbit muscle gangliosides.},
  author={F E Lassaga and I A Lassaga and Ranwel Caputto},
  journal={Journal of lipid research},
  volume={13 6},
Four ganglioside fractions were isolated from rabbit muscle: one hematoside and three hexosamine-containing species. They were analyzed for hexoses, hexosamine, sialic acid, fatty acids, and long-chain base content. The molar ratios of sphingosine-hexose-hexosamine-sialic acid were: for hematoside, 1:2:0:1; for the disialogangliosides, 1:3:1:2; and for trisialoganglioside, 1:3:1:3. The carbohydrates were studied by thin-layer and paper chromatography. The hexoses were glucose and galactose; the… CONTINUE READING