Rab6A and Rab6A' GTPases play non-overlapping roles in membrane trafficking.

  title={Rab6A and Rab6A' GTPases play non-overlapping roles in membrane trafficking.},
  author={Elaine del Nery and St{\'e}phanie Miserey-Lenkei and Thomas Falgui{\`e}res and Cl{\'e}ment Nizak and Ludger Johannes and Franck Perez and Bruno Goud},
  volume={7 4},
The closely related Rab6 isoforms, Rab6A and Rab6A', have been shown to regulate vesicular trafficking within the Golgi and post-Golgi compartments, but studies using dominant active or negative mutant suggested conflicting models. Here, we report that reduction in the expression of Rab6 isoform using specific small interfering RNA reveals noticeable differences in the Rab6A and Rab6A' biological functions. Surprisingly, Rab6A seems to be largely dispensable in membrane trafficking events… CONTINUE READING

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