Rab5 Mediates Caspase-8–promoted Cell Motility and Metastasis

  title={Rab5 Mediates Caspase-8–promoted Cell Motility and Metastasis},
  author={Vicente A Torres and Ainhoa Mielgo and Simone Barbero and Ruth Hsiao and John A. Wilkins and Dwayne G. Stupack},
  booktitle={Molecular biology of the cell},
Caspase-8 is a key apical sensory protein that governs cell responses to environmental cues, alternatively promoting apoptosis, proliferation, and cell migration. The proteins responsible for integration of these pathways, however, have remained elusive. Here, we reveal that Rab5 regulates caspase-8-dependent signaling from integrins. Integrin ligation leads to Rab5 activation, association with integrins, and activation of Rac, in a caspase-8-dependent manner. Rab5 activation promotes… CONTINUE READING