Rab-GTPase-dependent endocytic recycling of Kv1.5 in atrial myocytes.

  title={Rab-GTPase-dependent endocytic recycling of Kv1.5 in atrial myocytes.},
  author={Dyke P. McEwen and Sarah M. Schumacher and Qiuju Li and Mark D. Benson and Jorge A. I{\~n}iguez-Lluh{\'i} and Kristin M Van Genderen and Jeffrey R. Martens},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={282 40},
The number of ion channels expressed on the cell surface shapes the complex electrical response of excitable cells. Maintaining a balance between anterograde and retrograde trafficking of channel proteins is vital in regulating steady-state cell surface expression. Kv1.5 is an important voltage-gated K(+) channel in the cardiovascular system underlying the ultra-rapid rectifying potassium current (Ik(ur)), a major repolarizing current in atrial myocytes, and regulating the resting membrane… CONTINUE READING