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  • Published 2019

How does fake news spread? Understanding pathways of disinformation spread through APIs

How the stages in the framework were activated during the 2016 US Presidential Elections are highlighted, before providing policy recommendations for issues relating to access to APIs, algorithmic content, advertisements, and suggest rapid response to coordinate campaigns.



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Russia's Soft Power beyond the Post-Soviet Space

Fortress Russia. Conspiracy Theories in Post-Soviet Russia

Does Russia Have a Gerasimov Doctrine?

  • R. Mcdermott
  • Political Science
    The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters
  • 2016
ABSTRACT: This article questions the hasty rush to label Moscow's actions in Ukraine and Donbas as proof of an alleged adoption of "hybrid warfare," and raises issues concerning Russia's capacity to

How can European states respond to Russian information warfare? An analytical framework

ABSTRACT How can European democratic states respond to Russian information warfare? This article aims to enable and spur systematic research of how democracies can respond to the spread of distorted

Russia’s strategy for influence through public diplomacy and active measures: the Swedish case

ABSTRACT Russia, as many contemporary states, takes public diplomacy seriously. Since the inception of its English language TV network Russia Today in 2005 (now ‘RT’), the Russian government has

Disinformation as a KGB Weapon in the Cold War

Strategic Narratives: Communication Power and the New World Order

1. Introduction. 2. Actors in Strategic Narratives. 3. Strategic Narratives of International Order. 4. Contestation. 5.Information Infrastructure. 6. Conclusions: Thinking Ahead.

Dominant Narratives in Russian Political and Media Discourse during the Ukraine Crisis

The Russian leadership views mass communication as a crucial arena of global politics, in which rival powers work to undermine each other and further their own interests at others’ expense. The