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RTV Trend Report 2019 Right Wing Terrorism and Violence in Western Europe , 1990-2018

  title={RTV Trend Report 2019 Right Wing Terrorism and Violence in Western Europe , 1990-2018},
  author={Jacob Aasland Ravndal and Sofia Lygren and Lars Wibe Hagen and Anders Ravik Jupsk{\aa}s},
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Lessons from crime prevention in preventing violent extremism by police
  • 2020
This paper explores whether the mechanisms and measures used in crime prevention work in preventing violent extremism (PVE). Although this paper argues that in general the mechanisms and principlesExpand


Because these groups are regularly attacked by perpetrators lacking a far-right motive, we only include cases where a far-right motive has been demonstrated
  • It should be noted that the dataset may be under-reporting attacks on sexual minorities, vulnerable groups and possibly Jews
  • 2019
The Christchurch Attacks: Livestream Terror in the Viral Video Age
  • CTC Sentinel
  • 2019
The El Paso Terrorist Attack: The Chain Reaction of Global Right-Wing Terror
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Explaining right‐wing terrorism and violence in Western Europe: Grievances, opportunities and polarisation
What explains cross‐national variation of right‐wing terrorism and violence (RTV)? This question remains largely unanswered in existing research on the extreme right because (1) events data suitableExpand
End of the Lone Wolf: The Typology that Should Not Have Been
ABSTRACT This research note argues that the “lone wolf” typology should be fundamentally reconsidered. Based on a three-year empirical research project, two key points are made to support thisExpand
Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting, Hot och hat påverkar: Intervjuer med utsatta förtroendevalda
  • BRÅ, Politikernes trygghetsundersøkning 2017. Förtroendevaldas utsatthet och oro för trakasserier, hot och våld. (Stockholm: Brottsförebyggande rådet
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Aggressive/intrusive behaviours, harassment and stalking of members of the United Kingdom parliament: a prevalence study and cross-national comparison
Abstract Politicians suffer intrusive and aggressive behaviours from members of the public, often lone actors fixated on personal grievances. Few explorations of intrusive behaviours towardsExpand
Right-Wing Terrorism and Violence in Western Europe: Introducing the RTV Dataset
What is the record of right-wing terrorism and violence (RTV) in Western Europe post-1990? To date, RTV incident data suitable for temporal and cross-national comparisons have been lacking.Expand
Bombing Alone: Tracing the Motivations and Antecedent Behaviors of Lone-Actor Terrorists*,†,‡
This article analyzes the sociodemographic network characteristics and antecedent behaviors of 119 lone‐actor terrorists by largely focusing upon behavioral aspects of each offender and examines whether lone‐ actor terrorists differ based on their ideologies or network connectivity. Expand