RT-CDL: A Distributed Real-Time Design Language and Its Operational Semantics

  title={RT-CDL: A Distributed Real-Time Design Language and Its Operational Semantics},
  author={Leo YuHsiang Liu and R. K. Shyamasundar},
  journal={Comput. Lang.},
  • Leo YuHsiang Liu, R.K. Shyamasundar
  • Published in Comput. Lang. 1994
  • Computer Science
  • RT-CDL, real-time common design language, has been designed to support a compositional methodology for the development of reliable real-time reactive systems. The primary goal of the RT-CDL project is to provide a tool to bridge the gap between specification and realization of programs. The language is based on the event-action model and overcomes several limitations of existing real-time languages. In this paper, we discuss the formal operational semantics of RT-CDL as well as its interesting… CONTINUE READING

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