RPA Analysis of a Two-orbital Model for the BiS2-based Superconductors

  title={RPA Analysis of a Two-orbital Model for the BiS2-based Superconductors},
  author={George B. Martins and Adriana Moreo and Elbio Dagotto},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The random-phase approximation (RPA) is here applied to a two-orbital model for the ${\mathrm{BiS}}_{2}$-based superconductors that was recently proposed by Usui et al. [Phys. Rev. B 86, 220501(R) (2012)]. Varying the density of doped electrons per Bi site $n$ in the range $0.46\ensuremath{\le}n\ensuremath{\le}1.0$, the spin fluctuations promote competing ${A}_{1g}$ and ${B}_{2g}$ superconducting states with similar pairing strengths, in analogy with the ${A}_{1g}$-${B}_{1g}$ near degeneracy… 

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