ROSSIGNOL Projet ACI Sécurité Informatique : 2003-2006 Rapport d ’ Activité Final

  title={ROSSIGNOL Projet ACI S{\'e}curit{\'e} Informatique : 2003-2006 Rapport d ’ Activit{\'e} Final},
  author={Denis Lugiez},
1 General Description ACI Rossignol is composed of teams from LIF (UMR 6166), LSV (UMR 8643 CNRS ENS Cachan and INRIA Futurs-project SECSI), INRIA Futurs (project Comète) and Verimag (UMR 9939). The Rossignol project aims at investigating issues involved in the verification of cryptographic protocols. The focus has been put on research directions that go… CONTINUE READING