ROSA: A Learning Content Management Systems with Semantic Access


Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) supports e-learning applications with storage and efficient access for e-learning objects (LO)s. ROSA is a LCMS built as a semantic layer on the top of an XML native DBMS. In this paper, we present ROSA Data Model designed as an extension to RDF data model with ordered collections and relationship properties and cardinalities. An algebra is proposed with operations supporting queries over LO metadata and navigation through LO conceptual maps. Equivalence properties of relationships are implicitly considered, during navigation, by a query engine that supports ROSA operations and data structure. Additionally, a thesaurus is used during query processing extending the domain vocabulary with synonyms, generic/specific and associated terms. Finally, the system implements web semantic technology based on a formal data model tailored for an efficient storage and access of e-learning resources.

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