RODNet: A Real-Time Radar Object Detection Network Cross-Supervised by Camera-Radar Fused Object 3D Localization

  title={RODNet: A Real-Time Radar Object Detection Network Cross-Supervised by Camera-Radar Fused Object 3D Localization},
  author={Yizhou Wang and Zhongyu Jiang and Yu-Dong Li and Jeng-Neng Hwang and Guanbin Xing and H. Liu},
Various autonomous or assisted driving strategies have been facilitated through accurate and reliable perception of the environment around a vehicle. Among the sensors that are commonly used, radar has usually been considered as a robust and cost-effective solution even in severe driving scenarios, e.g., weak/strong lighting or bad weather. Instead of considering to fuse the unreliable information from all available sensors, perception from pure radar data becomes a valuable alternative that is… Expand
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