ROBOG: Robo guide with simple learning strategy


This paper presents ROBOG; an experimental effort in building an autonomous robot that can learn the navigation system of a known terrain and use it for guiding. It is equipped with Artificial Neural Network for the task of Decision making. ROBOG was trained to learn the geographical structure of a floor in an academic block of RGUKT and is tested… (More)

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@article{Harish2014ROBOGRG, title={ROBOG: Robo guide with simple learning strategy}, author={Y. Harish and R. Kranthi Kumar and G. M. D. Irfan Feroz and Chakravarthi Jada and V. Anil Kumar and Mounika Mesa}, journal={Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE Students' Technology Symposium}, year={2014}, pages={224-228} }