RNA tertiary folding monitored by fluorescence of covalently attached pyrene.

  title={RNA tertiary folding monitored by fluorescence of covalently attached pyrene.},
  author={Scott K. Silverman and Thomas R Cech},
  volume={38 43},
The pathways by which large RNAs adopt tertiary structure are just beginning to be explored, and new methods that reveal RNA folding are highly desirable. Here we report an assay for RNA tertiary folding in which the fluorescence of a covalently incorporated chromophore is monitored. Folding of the 160-nucleotide Tetrahymena group I intron P4-P6 domain was used as a test system. Guided by the P4-P6 X-ray crystal structure, we chose a nucleotide (U107) for which derivatization at the 2'-position… CONTINUE READING
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