RNA polymerase from Rhizobium japonicum

  title={RNA polymerase from Rhizobium japonicum},
  author={Brigitte Regensburger and H. Hennecke},
  journal={Archives of Microbiology},
DNA-dependend RNA polymerase (EC from Rhizobium japonicum was purified. The subunit structure was found to be ββ′α2σ, with the following apparent molecular weights determined by electrophoresis: M r (β and β') 150,000 each, M r (σ) 96,000, M r (α) 40,000, M r (holoenzyme) 490,000, M r (core enzyme) 380,000. The recovery of σ was 28%. RNA polymerase from aerobically grown R. japonicum cells and from nitrogen-fixing cells have the same electrophoretic properties suggesting that no… CONTINUE READING


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