RNA-mediated chromatin-based silencing in plants.

  title={RNA-mediated chromatin-based silencing in plants.},
  author={Marjori Matzke and Tatsuo Kanno and Lucia Clemens- Daxinger and Bruno H{\"u}ttel and Antonius J.M Matzke},
  journal={Current opinion in cell biology},
  volume={21 3},
Plants have evolved an elaborate transcriptional machinery dedicated to eliciting sequence-specific, chromatin-based gene silencing. Two Pol II-related, plant-specific RNA polymerases, named Pol IV and Pol V, collaborate with proteins of the RNA interference machinery to generate long and short noncoding RNAs involved in epigenetic regulation. As revealed by a variety of genetic, molecular, and genomic technologies, these RNAs are used extensively in plants to direct the establishment, spread… CONTINUE READING
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