RNA editing: cytidine to uridine conversion in apolipoprotein B mRNA.

  title={RNA editing: cytidine to uridine conversion in apolipoprotein B mRNA.},
  author={Ann Chester and James M Scott and Shrikant Anant and N. Navaratnam},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1494 1-2},
RNA editing is a post-transcriptional process that changes the informational capacity within the RNA. These processes include alterations made by nucleotide deletion, insertion and base conversion. A to I and C to U conversion occurs in mammals and these editing events are catalysed by RNA binding deaminases. C to U editing of apoB mRNA was the first mammalian editing event to be identified. The minimal protein complex necessary for apoB mRNA editing has been determined and consists of APOBEC-1… CONTINUE READING

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