RNA binding specificity of Unr, a protein with five cold shock domains.

  title={RNA binding specificity of Unr, a protein with five cold shock domains.},
  author={G{\'e}rard Triqueneaux and Marion Velten and Paul Franzon and F. Dautry and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Jacquemin-Sablon},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={27 8},
The human unr gene encodes an 85 kDa protein which contains five cold shock domains (CSD). The capacity of Unr to interact in vitro with RNA and its intracellular localization suggest that Unr could be involved in some aspect of cytoplasmic mRNA metabolism. As a step towards identification of Unr mRNA targets, we investigated the RNA-binding specificity of Unr by an in vitro selection approach (SELEX). Purine-rich sequences were selected by Unr, leading to the identification of two related… CONTINUE READING


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